Saturday, 8 December 2007

Italy, still, is wobbling.

When will it crash?

It has become the latest fad, watching the jelly castle wobble slowly loosing the cherries on top, with the tip dangerously swinging as the man on top continues dancing on the castle which slowly is dissolving.

Berlusconi says that a recent poll suggested 80% of Italians would vote for Prodi to leave. Why doe it not happen then?

This suggests that the immaculate left wing limbs of Italy are not so much cleaner than their opponents which they have used as main campaign slogan alleging the Right was corrupt.

So how is this wobbly "government" still resisting tumbling down, gaffe after gaffe?

...another one bites the dust and another black pool of oil bleads into the blood stream of our planet.

Yet another environmental disaster due to oil spill, this time in the waters of Korea where a Hong Kong-registered tanker was hit by a barge, caught in stormy weather and torn down its side, now gashing oil.

While In the Black sea mobilised forces are struggling with the effects of the (by now sunken) tankers still crying out.

What is to become of our planet?

This is now, it needs to be tackled in frontal mode now not tomorrow while all powers waste time arguing over alleged nuclear possessions and belligerent power games and unilateral intimations.

If half the dedication were focused on the environmental crisis by 20012 Kyoto would probably be by bypassed by far.

On the day of "Armageddon" three main powers will still be squabbling over nuclear control while struggling in one big black medium where the oil-coated ground will not be distinguishable by the thick black atmosphere.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Why should Iran submitt when Israel is the world's fifth nucler arsenal, partly funded by USA?

What is to become of the impending declaration of independence that could come with the New Year in January?
While in Serbia 100,000 Serbs are keeping the 1.9 million Kosovar-albanians yet from declaring themselves independent, the old squabble mates have once again taken this chance to emphasise their stances strictly opposing each other on al topics, issues and events.

Russia remains behind the troublesome Serbs opposing the long-desired independence of Kosovo by Kosovar-Albanians, only willing to grant the later a general autonomy.

Most EU nations and USA have backing up Kosovo with an arm steadily stretched out to them in patient collaboration. The attentive gaze from Russia is perceived though t every attempt by the UN to come to any constructive agreement and defensive statements are bouncing back between the two big walls towering in an uncertain protective or imposing manner.

The cold war is reminiscent as both Russia and USA persist in their opposing stances while 100,000 Serbs are preparing to flee from north Kosovo in the event of sparked violence between paramilitary Serbs and Kosovars after an impending statement of Independence.

Simultaneously USA are being accused by some of hypocrisy; understandably by Iran who is being bullied into cutting their alleged nuclear arsenal, whist USA itself has helped fund the world's fifth biggest nuclear arsenal in Israel where German-built submarines are already pointing ferociously and belligerently towards Iran.

Democracy seams to be overridden by Superpowers flagging the hero emblem. USA is perfectly right to be weary of ran, yes, but surely its support in equipping Israel pointing missiles at Iran is rather contradictory demanding contemporary that Iran denude itself of any protection?

Two wrongs do not make a right, and setting an example would be more motivting than demanding two contrsting and expecting a positive outcome.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A teddy bear, an English teacher and a game of power.

Watching the shocked, oblivious face of the poor Gillian Gibbons, the English teacher who arrived at Heathrow this morning, I realised what a palaver has been whipped up out of this whole ordeal, after the woman allowed a class of children to name a teddy bear after one of the children, called “Muhammad” which also s the name of the Islamic Prophet.

This incident which took place in Sudan, where the woman was there as an English teacher, was misunderstood as an act of offence against the predominant religion.

Before seeing her speech on TV this morning, I imagined a battered and frightened woman, but more than anything else, I realised how quickly this misunderstanding had spun out of control as the combination of predisposition of framing an image within a narrow minded idea of that country took over the whole event.

She seamed more shocked by all the attention of the journalists at the airport than she did of her experience in Sudan, which she kept highlighting was not that bad at all, and that she as treated pretty much the same if not better than all the other prisoners.

She expressed even comprehension for the way her action was initially interpreted ad stressed she was very sorry for the offence caused by her.

Gillian emphasised that almost as soon as she was in he first jail, a bed was sent to her from some official for her comfort and that many friends (of which also Sudanese) had visited her as soon as they could, embarrassed for the extreme action taken against her.

Why was the British press so prone at diving into a general panic portraying the situation as though she were to be killed over the naming of a teddy bear?

Yes, the first reactions were over the top; however some tactfulness and understanding could have underlined the report on her case.

It certainly did not help the popular stereotypes the British have for the east.

Above all though, this did seam pretty much like a game of power between two nations.

It seams both natios should take example from Mrs Gibbons.

She does'n seam to see her self as a victim and definitely still appreciates a country that offers much more than just religioun-bound issues.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

First week of December, new week, new stances, new pledges.

Pervez Musharaf has stepped down as head of the Military force of Pakistan now wating to become pre-confirmed president as planned in the agreement.

So he steps down as Army head after having agreed he will be allowed to take place as President as he was "elected" few months ago, so perhaps he might even lift emergency rule, soon, or perhaps we need to wait until he has become resident, you never know, its wise for him to be cautious.

Putin's United Russia party won the elections yesterday[...] and now we will have to wait and see what is to become after his post expires n a few months time, how will Putin fit him self into the new era of a new president though I am sure he wont be to far.

The fate of Russia's economy is strongly tied to this gallant man very much depending on his steady gaze and smile constantly present in the background as the people definitely did not just vote him for his blue eyes.

In Venezuela the left party president Hugo Chavez lost the elections with the opposition wining with 57%.

In this edgy time for many countries learning decisive outcomes for their near future, in other parts of the world not so immediate outcomes are to be discussed in Bali, Indonesia where the follow up of the UN Kyoto protocol is to be discussed staring today for the next two weeks.

Hopefully something more tangible and realistic might be included in the talks that mght be looking more positive after the newly elected Australian president pledged to sign the Kyoto Protocols.

Now America is left to stare while it remains stubbornly exempt after refusing partly on the ground that as Australia and China had been exempt from the protocol aiming to reduce carbon emissions.

China ha been exempt as, although it undeniably contributes enormously to the world's CO2 emissions, it is classified as a developing country and as such remains exempt from the demanding commitments that the CO2 cutting plans would require.

n that note I do agree with America's stance as China cannot honestly get away with child labour, almost unfair market competition and production, and yet get away with one of the most ludicrous emissions of CO2.

The pledging game continues parrallell to that of growing markets pumping and producing, some hiding beind small injustices and weeknesses in a competitive platfrom in which manny do all they can to remain ahead amidst the crowd...

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Gordon hang in there!

Gordon keep it going, don't stop the ball rollin' because that would fit in all too well with the mushroom-natured events popping up growing.

First the bombs in Glasgow, then Northern Rock crumbling down, 25 million records lost, and now: loose ends swinging to the syncopated rhythm of a game called “bringing down Gordon Brown", drawing fancy patterns around the Labour party.

Let’s get real for a moment please and stop pointing the finger always to the one, the only one that does not bark back at allegations, provocations and people who only wish for this season of unlucky weather to keep pouring.

But, by the way, these unfortunate mishaps are not only [unsuccessfully] chipping away at Brown but they definitely are corroding this country’s credibility.

Let's get over Brown's decision on the elections, as [hypocrisy aside] any half whit would have not thrown themselves into a game of power and pride-fuelled hurricane of hot air, and dedicated himself like he did, to issues that others never even deigned with thought, such as visiting those in Baghdad who are actually there for the government, for the country risking their lives for us.

The funding does need to be cleared up and Brown has already proposed solutions so let's give the man a chance and then move on to some real politics after this, like improving already exsting problems the country has since a long time and that are growing roots as time is lost on blames and job stands.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Why should Turkey join EU?

Turkey should join the EU because it needs the EU just as we need Turkey.

There are some issues that need to be revised definitely in order to fit with basic ideas that EU countries share, but those should be no excuse for refusing such a precious and life-changing union as this could be.

It seams a wasted opportunity snubbing neighbours that any how are there next to us.

For Turkey it would be good not only for economic reasons, but also for its society to be better understood by a European society, which all too often at present generalise, basing stereotyped images, also caused by excessive terrorism witch-hunt portraying all too often the Asian-looking, Muslim.

For Europe Turkey's union would catalyze the breakthrough of ignorance-armed walls now ethically separating the “western” reality” to the eastern.

It is important to finally release the potential of Europe’s philosophies and ideals of respect, progress and collaboration amongst so many different populations, to flow also through Turkey for a richer and greater Europe.

For each country in the EU to become personally involved with Turkey, creating an informal bond within the curtains of Europe, I believe this would strengthen individual cultural origins for each country yet easing tensions and fears arising from those separately rooted basic cultural principles which contrast so much between western and eastern cultures.

The feared side effect of Globalisation would probably be reversed as entering a different culture to that group of countries, all with such different origins, but all so united by that western identity, that this solidified impression would be dissolved by the membership of an eastern country. EU would no longer be western conglomerate but EU, within the middle; where it always has been. Individual cultures would regain strength and diversity as well as acceptance.

Feared culture amalgamation and dilution would reverse once EU would each itself from that set western elite union, opening towards eastern grounds and countries will revive each individual cultural identity within a new EU entity.

Turkey’s entrance would permanently change the meaning of “western” and “eastern” dissolving the geographical concept of EU.

Like a huge invisible gate, unions like this could give way to something stronger, more peaceful and rich in knowledge and essence than ever.

Ultimately one day we might see, through the gradual unification of nations, a legally and officially collaborative and supportive planet of countries, not teams of off-limit boundaries.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

South Park frightfully reflects a not so blured immage.

Hypocrisy is inflating western societies like words filled with Hydrogen gas.

Unions ‘protect’ their workers, but some how many seam to have suffered from paralysis of outstretched arms begging for more.

Yes, begging.

Because this is what begging is: Doing nothing asking for money [more].

Politics is not the problem perhaps as is the need for realism.

Life has become virtualised, with each individual life accustomed with the world spinning round us thanks to wireless internet, and other e-gadgets.

Not only is the value of products exceeding the intrinsic value to dangerously thin stretches, now I walk around and see Jaguars parked outside prefabricated houses, in which people sink into debt whilst shopping on wireless internet, working shrinking hours, and have more rights than a fish has to swim.

Environmental crisis is the latest fad on everyone’s mouth, recycling more and more [literally].

Democracy has become itself a brand to be marketed. See Bhutto and the crocodile tears flowing, while certain puppeteers are still flapping strings stuck to their invisible hands.

Drowning between Left and Right in a sea caled reality.

Left and right in Politics?

While Communism and fascism mostly seam to be extreme interpretations of political expression, these are two insidious poles of a line which is drifting from the present political make up of western countries.

It is funny one can support a 'right' party in one country and a 'left' party in another, but now days this is often the case.

These political boundaries have become more distant to the origins of the terms; as for example, Che Guevara might resemble the symbol of Communism, where as for others it would remind of black images of the ex- Soviet Union, or the party which now leads Italy.

Take Russia, Germany, UK, France and Italy for example.

I would dare say Putin, Merkel, G. Brown, Sarkozy and Berlusconi have more in common, than their respective colleagues though they are definitely not representing one same political extremity!

(I do not intend to insult any person, body, philosophy or religion)
Perhaps though, one could look at the present reality of things this way as left, centre, and right do not fit the present need for multi-level politics:

In each of us lie the idealistic philosophies of Communism just like also those of the Bible by which unfortunately though realistically we cannot and do not lve by. Even if every person ere to cmoononly agree to do so, these in practise would be nothing more than a self-destructive Utopia.

Yet, these ideals applied to the realistic nature of Human beings would seam to be a perfect formula.

By human nature we are consumerists, capitalists, and survive by Darwin’s theory unevitably. Capitalism is the mode by which the survival of the fittest is applied to the Human existence nowadays.

To deny capitalism, consumerism and ‘righter wing politics’ is to deny the fact we expire CO2 as we exhale. On one side we survive and thrive squeezing every drop out of the planet, yet we fight against the machine we drive and catalze our selves ignoring the simple fact we need ot ask our selves:

Do we want to slow down our economy and technology race to reach Kyoto, or shall we ignore that this would be the only way to meet such projects?

Right wing politics is nothing more than the realistic realisation following the formula on the basis that when 2 + 2 = 4, then 2 +1 = 3.

Why should 2+2 also be equal to 4?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

25 million records lost.....

First Northern Rock, now 25 million records of people have been lost, including bank data, address etc have disappeared.

I fear England is going down.

Unfortunately, I see a vision of a trugid sounge, strating to dissemble because of the overload.

Britain will face dfficult years in the near future, and I believe prioritising is essential.

It is true, Britain has been like a great heart, allowing for a great and healthy flow of people, money, ideas and develoement, through, reviving not only Uk, but allowing for a melting pot to give way to never-ending progress at an international level, and this is vital for Europe and the world.

But a heart pumping at such a rate, will explode or loose a beat sooner or later unless the speed is slowed down.

Britain needs to focus on a national scale to refurbish its system an dtissue before allowing the flow spiral dangeroussely out of control, if it has not done yet.

Here is the day, the backlash to hundreds of years of success, colonies, and today, the inevitable dependence on technology.

Could this be the beginning of a chain of reactions in all countries?

Perhaps it is a conspiracy by the some political group to make Gordon Brown look bad as he used to be the exchequer?

Or a conspiracy involving many more people with a completely different agenda?

Who knows?

Lets just hope the worst won't happen with all these recorded lives.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Japanese Crusade to Murder Whales under 'Scienific Pretences'

Have a look at this link to remain up to date on the proceedings with the whale hunt led by the Japanese.

They are claiming this hunt is in aid of scientific research though it has been proven; the whales can be monitored and studied just as well without the need of harming them at all.

This is the link to the Greenpeace website.

Green Houses Plan

Gordon Brown looks towards each and every individual to do their part towards low consumption.

Finally realistic and solid talks on reducing carbon emissions are spoken when a realistic line was underpinned by Gordon Browns talks on Green Houses.

He reminds acknowledged that households are as much a problem as they are strongly part of the solution.

It is true people have adopted an attitude of consumption and self-exemption from problems witch have too easily been shrugged off as being relevant to bigger consuming bodes.

Rightly, Gordon Brown directed the spot light on domestic households reminding that carelessness and laziness contribute like pennies in a million to needless energy wastes.

Because everything has become to ready, fast, and easily consumable, it all seams so harmless, so excusable because of our lives floating on a virtual flow of technology driven virtualty binge.

It needs to be acknowledged that waste, energy waste and pollution is the first product of our lives at a 'small' individual level.

As well as turning off lights, switches and limiting water use to what is truly needed this society needs to be re-educated to the reality and immediacy of this invisible corrosion of our world, which is a by product of each and every one of us and our guilt free 'small' actions.

Gordon Brown promises for investments in renewable energy sources for households, yet it remains for each of us, and you to realise that this formula 'buy one get one free' does not mean to say you need to consume two at once.

Thank you Gordon Brown. That is an encouraging realistic step!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Whale Hunt

How is it possible the Japanese are actually, truly, PUBLICLY announcing the "biggest whale hunt"?

Can it be?

Animalist Organisations, anyone with a voice do something say somthing!

This is as critical to me as the worst terrorist attack yet nothing seams to be being done against this!

If I had the luxury to do so, I would run a campaign of abstinance.

Abstinace ddriven by refusal to acknowledge any news reports from any form of news or media, untill this be dealt with, with as much urgency as any other international crisis would be!

Card games with Pervez Musharaf, George W Bush, Gordon Brown, and...

While Pakistan is in a quasi archaic status of dictatorship...

...sorry. State of emergency because of the risk of an unstable situation which might escalate to suicide bombs etc...

...other Big Bosses are hanging from their elastic bungee, as they swing from their bridge of democracy, waving ultimatums with hooks and red cards to Musharaf.

These polite ultimatums are not taken by Musharraf, who, might or might not step down and call for elections.

( I know : 'elections': funny)

He is playing his moment of fuss. He wants both, but will have to give up the game as the other players are loosing their patients.

Yes, but he knows he holds something the others want.

He is there, a valuable limb usefully placed in a hot spot of terrorist activity.

On the one hand these Western players, each with one symbol marking their cards, that of Democracy, find them selves playing with a man denying to allow dialogue to the woman, Benazir Bhutto , the opposition leader marching with a future in which she hopes to bring democracy closer to Pakistan's reality.

This game now is becoming to real, to long to be a game, and joking and friendly favours accompanied to patience are loosing stage light to the reality of facts.

State of emergency is still impending over Pakistan, and the prime right of democracy as been ripped from the people.

The right to speak, comment, and discuss the situation and the future of one's country, one's reality; this fundamental basis of a democratic existence has been taken by Musharaf under blatant excuses, et the Western players are playing hide-and-seek, flagging exchange compromises.

No comment.

European Gates

Should the European membership depend on religion or beliefs?

What requirements should be ticked off to be allowed through these gates?

Take Turkey for example.

Should it be kept out side the European gates because of its religion?

Well, surely religion can not be a reason for excluding a country to a coalition that could only be positive, the stronger and wider it long as it is a cooperative and functional one.

Part of Europe's strength, must be because of the diversities of background, and ideologies which thrive and push forward these societies.

To me, the idea of Europe as a united group is equivalent to a group of countries sharing one idealnot being one bland identity.

After all, diversity calls for progress not the other way round, rite?

A better future, for all because safeguarding only one's own plate does not mean the food will keep flowing.

Europe to me represents a symbol of common respect and acceptance. Will to live, exchanging and living with.

A set of common delimitations such as on death penalty, human rights, and international agenda such as environment should be the only issues to separate a country from the nucleus of Europe.

Religion is not equal to its extreme interpretation. Hence a country should not be judged on its religious standing.

As long as the ruling body and majority of a country comonly agrees with those points of an ideology based on respect for human life, rigt, and teh enviroment (plus basic agreements of wrights and wrongs), why should a country be refused to join a group?

Realistically, each contry shares the same planet and same reality, directly and indirectly, consciousely or in denial anyway...don't we all live on the same plannet?

Don't we all live under the same sky?

So lets rip down the curtains, and face out neibours with which we have lived next to for our entire exisance evolving round each other anyway!

Union Abuse!

Dumming down of newspapers?

Well, the reader makes the news.

Don' like the dumming down?

Then cknowledge reality, face the facts that to earn one has to work, and 'Europe' and 'Democracy'to not equal 'want, want, want'

Enough with this "Union" abuse!

Europe has become spoilt. We have become spoilt.

Talks of the medium allegedly 'duming down' the news seam a joke before this ridiculous circus taking place in France, Germany and Sweden are the most recent strikes called by groups of workers.

Jobs are not enough. Every one wants more, and more, abusing of the system, of the 'strike' game.

Where will this stop? While France still is numb from a half amputated transport system, the workers are violating the right of every other citizen, and harming their own countries economy, hence also signing the refusal to their demands.

In Finland thousands of nurses plan to strike also. I think the number is around 16,000 nurses.

I won't this abuse such a deficit in staff as to lead to serious complication for those in need of assistance? How can a medical structure function properly with such a high number of the workers on strike?

Also in Germany transport is partially frozen to a halt.

Yes, it is a right for workers to call for strikes and backed up with their Unions to demand what they feel they deserve.

It seams though, these Unions and strikes are all too easily simmering in a western world in which every individual has become firstly, a consumer and a self-branded identity, all too often lacking in interest and motivation.

we 'civilised', 'democratised' people badger our governments and ride a secret cold war in between each and everyone of us, to suck the most we can get out of our system with the least effort, dedication.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Meredith returns to London

So, after her tragic death, Meredith has returned to england for ever.

Her body was flown from Fiumicino, Rome, back to London.

Although further tests were hoped to be carried forward on her, in the attempt to find further clues, which perhaps is best, to finally leave her n peace.

The changing statements from Amanda Knox and her Boyfriend definitely do tempt one to point at them as suspects, but this whole affair is just too tragic and shocking to degrade a young girl's death to yet another witch hunt.

The only thing that is sure as I already said, is that a further effort needs to be made by universities.

A solid, reachable support needs to be available throughout the period abroad, to offer not psychological counselling, but also, to have a tangible presence nearby, to hold down to earth, an excited youth in a situation, which now days is seen more and more, by students, as being a safe and excused period of freedom, under a mythisised blanket called 'Erasmus'.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

A story

A story.

What is a story?

To find a story would appear comparable to picking a daisy in a field of daisies, blind folded.

Not really.

How important must a story be?

How big must a story be?

How recent must a story be?

How crude must a story be?

Is a story perhaps waht anyone cares to read about?

Then, anyhing can be a story, as long as someone will reagard it as such and dedicate an instant of attention to it.

To find a story is so difficult amongst a sea, which bristles of these, and hides many more.

How do you separate 'A' drop of water from the sea?

Who cares.

Anything less demanding than personal problems is worth using to evade from our own infintite, complicated stories.

The story to be written then, should be just a story. About anything, for anyone who cares.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Oil prices

While the price of oil is steadily picking up speed in he rising price per barell, how come has the government not yet akenany real concrete action?

The alternative existis already since a long time, yet people still abstain from exchanging their petroll-run vehicles to one running on LPG ( Liquid Petrolium Gas).
It shouldn't be a surprise though, since not enough station are prestent to offer a reliable source of this kind of fuel.

On one hand allot of talk, and 'green' concerts are being blown up, flagging many wanna be 'green flags', yet, in reality, nothing is being done to tackle the actual problem itself.

Perhaps more attention should be given to programing a scheme to create a network of green fuel stations, inorder to make potential customers more confident ni making that swap.

Here is a link to a map showing fueling stations across England, for various alternative fuels to petrol.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The battle of the points

Queens Speech

The Queen’s speech matched the same line drawn by Gordon Brow in his announced topics of focus.

There is much debate and squabble by Cameron accusing Brown’s ‘appropriations’ of ideas and intentions.

At first I thought I would vote for Brow.

Then I thought Cameron had a point [mine also].

Now my ears are hypnotised by two playing records which seam to be playing a syncopated tune battle and he actual notes played never seam to be given light!

More constructive ideas through collaboration, or at least constructive criticism would be more like what is needed.

The battle of the points will not resolve or postpone for much linger the problems chipping away bellow this rising cloud of smoke!

Meredith killed in Perugia

Having lived the experience of having a year of Erasmus at university it is chilling to hear about another girl's experience, which ended so tragically.

What is most frightening is that I can quite see how easily this could happen.

I remember in my short year of Erasmus (though I went back to my own country) I was surprised and rather uncertain to the greeting foreign students receive.

Big university cities seam to be a melting pot of students coming from all over the world, often mixing with many people rooting themselves in this sea of inexperienced foreign students who are blinded by the excitement of novelty and freedom.

The case of Meredith, the English girl found dead in her room in Perugia where she was studying as an Erasmus student, unfortunately should be seen as a wake up call.

More solid support needs to be offered at a constant level for those Erasmus students in any country they are no matter.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Get involved


Click on it and see if there's anything you would be willing to do.

Sacrifice a minute of your life to know what is going on.

Sacrifice a pound.

But even better:
Start blogging about these urgent realities, get involved, and realilse we all are responsible if nothing changes for the better in another seven years or less.

Its your call.

1,300 tigers in India

Once again it was the Independent whith its front page article on the fate of India's tigers.

"5,000 to 3,000 in seven years"

What more to add?


This seams to be the out come of abviousely empty words, speaking of tomorrow's promisses on a cause still steadilly dying despite its usefull topic when votes are needed.

It might be a sensitive topic of urgency.

It has remained too long though merely a fashionable moral topic and not yet duly faced as other world issues would be.

The truth is not enough care.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Christmas in shops

I know: "Already?!"

Yes. If supermarkets and sops are already selling chocolate bars covered with Father Christmases, Christmas trees on postcards, and Ideas for Christmas!

Is this some awful nightmare in which time is slipping by like a motion film.

Helplessly chained to the spot, you watch as in front of you each frame flies past, one after the other in a string, until it all becomes a blur and you think ,

" Has Halloween already gone?"

I’m running so hard, trying to keep up with my life and the e world around, I'm on the verge of tripping over, as I attempt to hop from the frame in which I am.

I barely have had time to daze at the golden red leaves lining the streets, and to infuse my thoughts with moist earth hurrying to until every morning.

As the loom of sun still is glowing behind me from June, July and September I feel bullied by shops and commercials into abandoning this setting in which I barley have settled in, to jump to the next though to me it seams so far ahead. If I look down at the vast sea of things to be overcome, Christmas fades further.

Look out side the window. Yes it is after all still autumn and Halloween is yet to die down!


Chocolate bars generaly cost around 45p. The coffee options in the canteen cost over £1. The filter coffee in the street, near the lecture rooms costs 70p for a small cup and 90p for a large.

The problem is a small one. I mean a 'small' problem is a big one. At least for me.

I treat myself to a bar of chocolate occasionally, and when I am cold or sleepy I allow myself a coffee. Only from the Street though as this is cheaper and I need t look after my pennies.

Over the past few days a matter of centre metres is growing frustratingly in my conscience every time a hand over my money.

With barely a glance of acknowledgement, and a few rushed squirts the coffee is hurriedly shoved towards me. But something is missing.

About 2 or 3cm are missing from the essence of my coffee!

This might be a cheaper coffee outlet, yet it is coffee being sold, and not half cups of sloppy coffee!

Top it up please!

This matter of a few centimetres is growing every day, for every belittled coffee purchased!


Where do you stop?

Is a baby owned by the mother?

It is part of the mother's body, but at WHAT POINT does it become an INDIVIDUAL BEING?

6 months into pregnancy should there be an excuse for some one to carry forward an abortion? Is 6 months not too long to decide the fit of a child?

Does the baby have rights before it is born? Yes.

It is very difficult to discuss, as each case is unique. Different circumstances change a lot.

But it is always the same question:

When do you draw the line where the baby's rights become as present as those of the mother?

Life is not fair, and rights given to one party are often rights removed from the other.

The issue of ethics though looks beyond the body of the mother-to-be and the unborn child.

The issue is at what point is abortion an end to an individual's life, when he/she has already got a presence in our world?

Monday, 29 October 2007

On Immigration

Reading through the news I found these very interesting artiles on immigrant's rights, and work conditions. Anyone who is interested in events concerning immigration check these out!

immigration - BBC

Friday, 26 October 2007

Grease'em up!

The use of the “quiet area” in my Uni’s library should be reconsidered.

As for its ‘quiet’ aspect, ambitions should be dropped in favour of what I would think would make more sense.

Why not call the third floor “the Horror” floor, as believe you me, not in the most old school horror film would you hear the door squeak so often, and with such excruciating pain, sucking any focused mind towards the screaming.

Please, someone pour some oil down those hinges!

As for the first floor, that ‘quiet area’ should become the meeting point for girls and boys.

How about removing the desks firstly. This would unbalance the ‘meeters’ habitat rather drastically as there would be no sitting platform.

Then perhaps the Internet too as this causes ‘clusters’ round entertaining music video downloads.

To be safe also remove the computers as this would remove any possibility of using them as a point of reference.

It might be a good idea to create a magnetic camp so as to prevent phone use n this quiet area, but unfortunately that might not have much effect, as seemingly these object are prevalently to flash and play sounds on.

Shall we empty the library all together leaving it only with books? Probably it would be quiet and only people who intent to make use of the books would be present but then again no Internet? No research.

The simplest solution would be to explain to the herds they are there for their own good. When they are in a noisy ‘heard mood’ the library should be left in the ideal conditions in which others can actually study.

Burst the bubble!

It seams all the scientific success and technological advancement often accused of or attributed with the thriving effect of globalisation, still has a monster do dissolve.

Genius South Park – Episode ‘Smug alert’ carried on.

Contrary to our naïf believes. Could it possibly be that bubbles all around the world are strengthening? An episode of South Park comes to mind but in a different context.
"Smugness" was yet another brilliantly developed topic in an episode of this satire. In our context though I would suggest use "smugness' to define a

The outsiders.

Immigrants are not yet properly integrated within a society that does not appreciate. On the other hand both 'sides' seam to remain coated, each with an invisible difference, sometimes over stated, sometimes underestimated. While busy unpicing defects often lateral to the reall benefits of both realities, it is forgotten thatboth 'side are infact one reality, and no one walks into or out of a buble.

You close your eyes and he bad things dovanish

Most national press barely considers foreign news other than the occasional postcard-type stories, confirming small-minded views of countries, composed by stereotyped labels.

Luckily there are newspapers that do realise Britain is a country within a world. The Independent I shall always respect and be a faithful reader.

Because truth looses transparency only once its acknowledged.

The rule is of course that demand shapes the product and unfortunately it seems people are all too busy with their own material lives between jobs and consumerism, busy defining their most matching identity image.

There is a lot of rhetoric, but the truth is, if people were more educated, and cared more, then more papers would cover broader issues from all over the world, and especially more urgent issues which concern us all.

We may prefer to read the latest tantrum thrown by a superstar or how much money was spent on the richest poodle, but we lack the knowledge in our naïf minds that we are the criminals.

Ignoring such vital issued which need to be actively acknowledged means just to pull the wool over our eyes.

The fact is we often are the most directly responsible for slavery, abuse, and environmental catastrophes. Minding our business, leading our average predictable lives, ignoring things happening at the same time somewhere else does not mean it is not happening.

This 'smugness' (as defined in South Park) is thickening the bubbles sealing off the 'lala-land' from the rest of the planet.

Imagine being an alien, and seeing this image of the world:

A round planet populated and insulated with time-beating and distance-beating technology. There are bubbles of concentrations busily living and consuming. Out of these 'bubbles' are also many other concentrations of people dotted in-between these bubbles, but these are living in opposite conditions, in poverty.

You learn that these people in the bubble are very busy and talk allot of saving and helping he 'unluckier people out side the bubbles.

Has any one told them most of what they are wearing, using, and eating directly fuels the conditions in which the 'outsiders' live?

Bust the bubble, and start facing the facts. More people should fuel more papers to cover world news, because the two ends of the pole are both soaring, one up and one down. It is time t stop soaring up and look down.

This was sparked whilst reading an article in The Independent this morning. The article was one the 20th anniversary since the first direct warning was given about the catastrophe facing environment, nature and all living beings, and the connection between human activities and enviromental down fall.

I believe that if more papers were to make this topic a chunky part of their editions, and not just heart-throbbing page filler, then perhaps in 10 years time, more people will have stumbled across the 'topic' and opened the eyes.

Because knowledge and awareness are the key to mobilising action, which if not, will remain stuck in rhetorical 'wanna-do-good' talk.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Orange..with fury

First it was trouble with BT.

To get a BT line was more difficult than to find a flat! After many expensive calls I managed to get through in the end, once again, after many misunderstandings between myself and about fifty different helpless people at the call centre. I finally got a Bt line.

For a moment I h ad thought of the worst out come as my partner stumbled a cross a small article in a paper. The story covered an incident of a man who had been waiting for BT to give him a phone line for I think seven months.

It seams I haven't much luck when it comes to technology. Waiting once again, this time to be blessed with an Internet connection, I stumbled again across an article, this time in the FT. To my horror it read about a review by the BBC on Orange broadband customers, and (if I remember correctly) its service being the worst in UK.

I am still waiting to hear from orange to be notified when I will be given an Internet connection. Also in this case the poor person on the other end of the phone line in the call centre, was confused and tried to explain she was only reading the data form the computer.

Am I to read tomorrow that the place in which I just moved has the highest rate of murders? Surely I cannot be the unluckiest person when it comes to trying to sort out what would seam simple...a phone

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Rights cut from other people's rights.

Journlalism isn't quite the same as it was say fifty years ago.

We cannot just stick a microphone in someones face and bombard them with wild questions.

If once climbing over wals to steal pieaces of information, now days we are allowed to stand infront of a wide open gate but not to walk through!

Rights are like chunks from one apple. Not all players can eat it all.

As privacy rights grow more tight and greedy, the right to freedom of expression shrinks.

As lives, people and sources become accessible, so do pivcy rights follow like shadows.

What's on your mind today?

Is today not a good day? Why?

What is on your mind otday. Did someone's action irritate you?

Did the woman on the bus slip infront of you, or the man behind the till give you your change with out even acknowleging your presence?

Are you still smiling because the post man shouted out "good morning"?

What triggers you to smile or to wonder how people can be sono insensitive?

Today use this string to pick out your frustrations of your day.

Some one might just realised a tiny action of theirs left a bitter taste.

Or a smile might just be worth wearing more than anything else!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

New era of prohibition

Are we creeping up towards an inevitable resolution of prohibition?

It seams as western countries gallop in the infinite race of technology and consumer goods, we become more and more lazy and insatiable of addictive escape channels, whether this be alcohol, fast food, smoking or expensive tastes, such as owning ten fuel guzzling vehicles.

Have we lost completely the memory of living under a roof and spending free time chatting with friends?

With such a highly specialised society where now days more and more people seams to be qualified with degrees and more, it seams we are no longer capable of looking after our selves nor of our kids.

That is what one would think if paying any attention at all to some of the topics floating in newspapers and media.

Children aren't capable of performing what would have seamed 50 years ago, a perfectly acceptably ritual of eating meals provided at school;

Smokers have been 'confined outdoors', and alcohol still continues to make young to old, school youngsters and professionals into fools.

A country that is seen with such earnest respect and admiration by its fellow EU countries, at night churns a large percentage out and into the pumping hearts of the night. Later bursting out of these [pubs] spilling into the streets.

How come has England managed to master and channel its migration and develop such an exemplary mile as in The City, yet on the other side of the coin, some vices have become chronic illnesses?

Could it be the curse of consumerism and the reverse of the coin?

It has been criticised lately that the media might be ‘duming down’ the audience, now we are even being castigated with ‘play zones’ and not. Basic matters of child care have been blown into big balloons floating aimlessly…

Perhaps we need to prove we don’t require any ‘duming down’?

Eating disorders

For pity sake leave the kids alone! But I mean it!

Not fuss and no wining. It is ridiculous for children to fussed around so much and confused about the issue of nutrition.

Nutrition is a very serious matter, and this is why there should be a simple and strict rule about meals in schools. No fast food foods should be available to children. I believe children should be taught how important a good nutrition is but the approach should be changed all together.

In Britain one could easily say that meals have lost their cultural value as a routine and a social event.

The approach from top to bottom I believe has cause this rebellious reaction by children across UK. Healthy foods are seen y children as tasteless and boring imposed o them by the 'conspiracy' by parents and schools.

When too much fuss is made in an over-alarming way about 'forcing' children to eat healthy school meal options, I believe that eating disorders also can more easily grow amongst young children.

More thought should be given to trying to integrate the mealtime as part of a cultural ritual to be looked forward to by children at school.

A Blogging world

At first, I was sceptical. Sceptical on this thing called "blogs" and what they were, what was the point, and do "bloggers" have a life?!

...Now I realise I my self am quickly becoming one my self.

There is a strange feel of voyeurism to read people's thoughts on all sorts of topics from the most urgent political and ethical issues, to the most frivolous subjects I never thought could be expanded on.

There is a hidden army out there under the surface of many lives.

A peak into this [for me] until recently un-known world has left me caught on a string, tangled to this gigantic parallel universe of thoughts, which reside and thrive in individual.

This Blogging world is great, and bloggers definitely do have a life, and a second virtual identity too.

Keep blogging comrades speak your minds...!

...Whatever topic you might want to touch!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Do you think about the future?

Thinking of chewed over themes as globalisation, immigration, ethics, tradition, identity, enviroment...etc.

Where are we heading? Could a solid shaped model one day crumble under an "over- buzzing" world?

While life quality seams less tangible and more virtuall, and aesthetics and politically correctness take over, I feel we are loosing humane imperfections which kept us grounded to the plannet on whch we live.

What films 10 years ago mught have predicted seams lee frightening than what I fear seams to eb crawling upon us.

Nope. no robots or aliens taking over our plannet, nor giant meteors.

We are loosing our selves. "normality" it's self I think has been loost for ever. The good old normality , yes.

Because normal is good.

Not because there has to be a grid against which every individual and moral view has to be pressed against, but to keep in sight where we come from. And what we need and do not need in this world of fluffed up hot air and plastic flashing with excited lights and electronic sounds.

Strange is good. But it is good when it has a set of "normality" to stand out form.

When every one can be on some form f reality show, look like celebs, speak like them, and "parott" about what they think is the mopst fhashionable newspapers critiqe, prospects don't look good.

"We" humans have perhaps become too big, and need either to completely over flow our physical and conceptual frameworks, to cooperate and shape new levels of frame works.

The meaning of "country" is transforming, and while the humane flow signals a growing freedome, there needs to be a centre point of focus not to loose the aim.

This is a confusing vague thought developing as I type and ask my self various questions which a tangled.

Im justy thinking, quiestioning, wondering.

Today I'm freeing my self of these thoughts. Tonorrow it might just crystalise...

60 deaths in Uk, 1 dead soldier

Is it not astonishing how the slice of information " ...about 60 deaths a week in Britain are caused by infections contracted in hospital.." slips by so quietly, smoothly, with no other uttered noted, while one death of a soldier can take up a decent part of a newspaper, as well as words on a news channel?

Is it not normal and expected to hear of unfortunate deaths caused in terms of war? Sure, it is awfuul a British or Us soldier (or indeed of any nationality) dies because of cards games played badly by politicians. However it would be hipoctriticall to seam surprised!

To casually annouce 60 people die every week due to poor health standards in hospitals seams rather allarming!

Forgive me for spelling it out:

Hospitals are where one goes to save one's life. It is a basic right to have the facility of hospitals and health service, not a luxury.

Immigration has been a rocky topic on many tounges fashionalbly, but at the bottom of all ther talk there is a question to be asked: ]
Who are our doctors?

Who are our nurses?

Who runs hospitals, for who, and how is it possiblie that a country as Britain, concidered by other european countries as the model to be followed, have got to this uneficiant mountain of expectations.

It is true, Britain has gaiven a home and news lives to many people from all over the world, giving a second chance.
But no chuffed up grinn of pride should be twiching untill the basic foundations of a civilized country are restored.

60 peaople a week dead.

That is 2,880 deaths a year by futile reasons of hygene in hospitals.

Police lose face...and regain it quickly

Flicking through the many channels of Sky TV, the topic of British police kept popping up. There must have been at least five programmes running that evening focusing on that subject.

It seams it is a popular theme this week, and perhaps not a coincidence.

Only untill a few days ago attention was drawn to the reopened case of a young Brazilian man, Jean Charles Menez, shot in ‘error’ by police just as he left the underground in London.

He had been suspected to be a terrorist and followed by police until they finally shot and killed him. The circumstances and approach taken by the police already have been discussed at length in the news.

Somehow though, I have the feeling that it cannot be a coincidence that this week channels seem to be running programmes dedicated to policemen.

I partly followed two of them, both in the form of a documentary following the policemen on a night out at work.

The "law offenders" to me seamed more like harmless, loud, drunk men reacting to antagonising policemen backed up by the camera.

Clearly this must all be a wave of propagandistic films to restore the dubious service they offer.

Is it not frustratingly obvious and irritating how all of a sudden we are being lured to seeing them as heroes by TV, where only few days ago the case of an innocent murder was still being broadcast?

How can such a devastating error have been so easily replaced with policemen depicted as heroes?

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Where do you draw the line?

Where does one draw the line between fiction and reality: Artificial reality or manipulated, and fiction intertwined into real life?

Why have reality shows had such success while life itself becomes ever more surreal based on aesthetics and identities.

How genuine is an average person's life now days? We each seam to package our lives identities within commercial settings, now more than ever with the pressure of online parallel worlds on which we display our selves on a second public platform.

Is technology ripping human kind completely from any form of spontaneity and physical interaction with reality and time limitations?

24 hour news channels keep us up to date with the world which surrounds us, and we interact via Internet and phones.

his invisible globalised world has distanced each individual as never before, yet made any person's live available for viewing through U-tube, reality shows etc.

Yet Internet can tie voices from caged situations as the Burmese to the rest of the world, destroying censorship.

to what extent will our lives be dependent on technology, and where should one draw the line?

DO you think we do not need to draw a line at any point?

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

What nationality do you identify with?

I am half English and half Italian, and want to know ...

It is fascinating to observe the factors we take into account which lead us to tie our selves to a nationality.

Do we belong to the country we were born in, lived in for a minimum set amout of years, or is it where we pay taxes, or work hard, make use of all public facilities, but don't have the right to vote ?...

In my oopinion, immigrants who contribute to Britain's economic flow should have the right to vote.

ALL people who take part in the community should.

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

Do you vote?

For WHO do you vote?