Saturday, 10 November 2007

A story

A story.

What is a story?

To find a story would appear comparable to picking a daisy in a field of daisies, blind folded.

Not really.

How important must a story be?

How big must a story be?

How recent must a story be?

How crude must a story be?

Is a story perhaps waht anyone cares to read about?

Then, anyhing can be a story, as long as someone will reagard it as such and dedicate an instant of attention to it.

To find a story is so difficult amongst a sea, which bristles of these, and hides many more.

How do you separate 'A' drop of water from the sea?

Who cares.

Anything less demanding than personal problems is worth using to evade from our own infintite, complicated stories.

The story to be written then, should be just a story. About anything, for anyone who cares.

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