Thursday, 29 November 2007

Why should Turkey join EU?

Turkey should join the EU because it needs the EU just as we need Turkey.

There are some issues that need to be revised definitely in order to fit with basic ideas that EU countries share, but those should be no excuse for refusing such a precious and life-changing union as this could be.

It seams a wasted opportunity snubbing neighbours that any how are there next to us.

For Turkey it would be good not only for economic reasons, but also for its society to be better understood by a European society, which all too often at present generalise, basing stereotyped images, also caused by excessive terrorism witch-hunt portraying all too often the Asian-looking, Muslim.

For Europe Turkey's union would catalyze the breakthrough of ignorance-armed walls now ethically separating the “western” reality” to the eastern.

It is important to finally release the potential of Europe’s philosophies and ideals of respect, progress and collaboration amongst so many different populations, to flow also through Turkey for a richer and greater Europe.

For each country in the EU to become personally involved with Turkey, creating an informal bond within the curtains of Europe, I believe this would strengthen individual cultural origins for each country yet easing tensions and fears arising from those separately rooted basic cultural principles which contrast so much between western and eastern cultures.

The feared side effect of Globalisation would probably be reversed as entering a different culture to that group of countries, all with such different origins, but all so united by that western identity, that this solidified impression would be dissolved by the membership of an eastern country. EU would no longer be western conglomerate but EU, within the middle; where it always has been. Individual cultures would regain strength and diversity as well as acceptance.

Feared culture amalgamation and dilution would reverse once EU would each itself from that set western elite union, opening towards eastern grounds and countries will revive each individual cultural identity within a new EU entity.

Turkey’s entrance would permanently change the meaning of “western” and “eastern” dissolving the geographical concept of EU.

Like a huge invisible gate, unions like this could give way to something stronger, more peaceful and rich in knowledge and essence than ever.

Ultimately one day we might see, through the gradual unification of nations, a legally and officially collaborative and supportive planet of countries, not teams of off-limit boundaries.

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