Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Meredith killed in Perugia

Having lived the experience of having a year of Erasmus at university it is chilling to hear about another girl's experience, which ended so tragically.

What is most frightening is that I can quite see how easily this could happen.

I remember in my short year of Erasmus (though I went back to my own country) I was surprised and rather uncertain to the greeting foreign students receive.

Big university cities seam to be a melting pot of students coming from all over the world, often mixing with many people rooting themselves in this sea of inexperienced foreign students who are blinded by the excitement of novelty and freedom.

The case of Meredith, the English girl found dead in her room in Perugia where she was studying as an Erasmus student, unfortunately should be seen as a wake up call.

More solid support needs to be offered at a constant level for those Erasmus students in any country they are no matter.

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