Monday, 19 November 2007

Union Abuse!

Dumming down of newspapers?

Well, the reader makes the news.

Don' like the dumming down?

Then cknowledge reality, face the facts that to earn one has to work, and 'Europe' and 'Democracy'to not equal 'want, want, want'

Enough with this "Union" abuse!

Europe has become spoilt. We have become spoilt.

Talks of the medium allegedly 'duming down' the news seam a joke before this ridiculous circus taking place in France, Germany and Sweden are the most recent strikes called by groups of workers.

Jobs are not enough. Every one wants more, and more, abusing of the system, of the 'strike' game.

Where will this stop? While France still is numb from a half amputated transport system, the workers are violating the right of every other citizen, and harming their own countries economy, hence also signing the refusal to their demands.

In Finland thousands of nurses plan to strike also. I think the number is around 16,000 nurses.

I won't this abuse such a deficit in staff as to lead to serious complication for those in need of assistance? How can a medical structure function properly with such a high number of the workers on strike?

Also in Germany transport is partially frozen to a halt.

Yes, it is a right for workers to call for strikes and backed up with their Unions to demand what they feel they deserve.

It seams though, these Unions and strikes are all too easily simmering in a western world in which every individual has become firstly, a consumer and a self-branded identity, all too often lacking in interest and motivation.

we 'civilised', 'democratised' people badger our governments and ride a secret cold war in between each and everyone of us, to suck the most we can get out of our system with the least effort, dedication.

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