Sunday, 11 November 2007

Meredith returns to London

So, after her tragic death, Meredith has returned to england for ever.

Her body was flown from Fiumicino, Rome, back to London.

Although further tests were hoped to be carried forward on her, in the attempt to find further clues, which perhaps is best, to finally leave her n peace.

The changing statements from Amanda Knox and her Boyfriend definitely do tempt one to point at them as suspects, but this whole affair is just too tragic and shocking to degrade a young girl's death to yet another witch hunt.

The only thing that is sure as I already said, is that a further effort needs to be made by universities.

A solid, reachable support needs to be available throughout the period abroad, to offer not psychological counselling, but also, to have a tangible presence nearby, to hold down to earth, an excited youth in a situation, which now days is seen more and more, by students, as being a safe and excused period of freedom, under a mythisised blanket called 'Erasmus'.

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