Saturday, 24 November 2007

Drowning between Left and Right in a sea caled reality.

Left and right in Politics?

While Communism and fascism mostly seam to be extreme interpretations of political expression, these are two insidious poles of a line which is drifting from the present political make up of western countries.

It is funny one can support a 'right' party in one country and a 'left' party in another, but now days this is often the case.

These political boundaries have become more distant to the origins of the terms; as for example, Che Guevara might resemble the symbol of Communism, where as for others it would remind of black images of the ex- Soviet Union, or the party which now leads Italy.

Take Russia, Germany, UK, France and Italy for example.

I would dare say Putin, Merkel, G. Brown, Sarkozy and Berlusconi have more in common, than their respective colleagues though they are definitely not representing one same political extremity!

(I do not intend to insult any person, body, philosophy or religion)
Perhaps though, one could look at the present reality of things this way as left, centre, and right do not fit the present need for multi-level politics:

In each of us lie the idealistic philosophies of Communism just like also those of the Bible by which unfortunately though realistically we cannot and do not lve by. Even if every person ere to cmoononly agree to do so, these in practise would be nothing more than a self-destructive Utopia.

Yet, these ideals applied to the realistic nature of Human beings would seam to be a perfect formula.

By human nature we are consumerists, capitalists, and survive by Darwin’s theory unevitably. Capitalism is the mode by which the survival of the fittest is applied to the Human existence nowadays.

To deny capitalism, consumerism and ‘righter wing politics’ is to deny the fact we expire CO2 as we exhale. On one side we survive and thrive squeezing every drop out of the planet, yet we fight against the machine we drive and catalze our selves ignoring the simple fact we need ot ask our selves:

Do we want to slow down our economy and technology race to reach Kyoto, or shall we ignore that this would be the only way to meet such projects?

Right wing politics is nothing more than the realistic realisation following the formula on the basis that when 2 + 2 = 4, then 2 +1 = 3.

Why should 2+2 also be equal to 4?

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