Thursday, 3 April 2008

What are GPs for?

It seems to me that these people surely have one only aim: to win the battle of protecting their budget…from what?

Indeed, this might be biased, unfair and definitely [hopefully]does not represent all the community of GPs. Hopefully it is only my bad luck.

But after much frustration I have come to this conclusion.

These are the watchdogs of the NHS whose missions is to guard the mighty gates, protecting their budget, deviating anyone attempting to get any of it.

Recession scare? No problem. we'll save some cash through tightening the girdle round NHS!

Some foreigners say British appear careless with their health. ...No wonder.

It is a mission to get any health problem sorted out within les than half a year!

Who is to blame? Government, NHS or GPs? Start from the top of the food chain.

Unless you have a blue growth or green skin, it seems one does not need to be referred to a specialist.

You’ll be fine.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wild donkeys face extinction

Wild donkeys in Cyprus face extinction due to the sport of killing them.

As reported by Reuters, a unique breed of donkeys faces extinction for this cause.

They say that locals shoot these wild donkeys for sport.

For fun, not for hunting. Just for fun.

I had to flag this atrocious story as it should not go unnoticed.

How can killing be a sport?