Monday, 19 November 2007

Card games with Pervez Musharaf, George W Bush, Gordon Brown, and...

While Pakistan is in a quasi archaic status of dictatorship...

...sorry. State of emergency because of the risk of an unstable situation which might escalate to suicide bombs etc...

...other Big Bosses are hanging from their elastic bungee, as they swing from their bridge of democracy, waving ultimatums with hooks and red cards to Musharaf.

These polite ultimatums are not taken by Musharraf, who, might or might not step down and call for elections.

( I know : 'elections': funny)

He is playing his moment of fuss. He wants both, but will have to give up the game as the other players are loosing their patients.

Yes, but he knows he holds something the others want.

He is there, a valuable limb usefully placed in a hot spot of terrorist activity.

On the one hand these Western players, each with one symbol marking their cards, that of Democracy, find them selves playing with a man denying to allow dialogue to the woman, Benazir Bhutto , the opposition leader marching with a future in which she hopes to bring democracy closer to Pakistan's reality.

This game now is becoming to real, to long to be a game, and joking and friendly favours accompanied to patience are loosing stage light to the reality of facts.

State of emergency is still impending over Pakistan, and the prime right of democracy as been ripped from the people.

The right to speak, comment, and discuss the situation and the future of one's country, one's reality; this fundamental basis of a democratic existence has been taken by Musharaf under blatant excuses, et the Western players are playing hide-and-seek, flagging exchange compromises.

No comment.


Manolo said...

The UK remembered Pakistan...right…

Every day the media keep bringing up the topic.
They use the same old formula, again and again, to say basically the same things every day.

Don't get me wrong, indeed there is an issue down there, I mean they declared national emergency state….

However, the media in the UK exaggerate a little bit; not to mention that suddenly Musharaf became the bad guy and Mrs Buhtto is presented as the liberal saviour.

How about the contracts between Musharaf's government and the UK education system?
How about the UK corporate exploitation of Pakistan?

How about they shut-up, since the sticky situation down there is partly caused from the UK Empire that sucked the Pakistanis blood for a while.

Poor Pakistan… even their language tends to extinct with all this Westernisation, which btw seems absolutely normal to everybody.
How is it possible to fit two feet in one shoe? What makes us in the west believe that what works here (…does it?) will be good for others.

Did anybody consider the local cultural needs of the Pakistanis that while the UK media found a cheap tea story, the people of that country continue their lives normally?

Anw I'm pissed off now...

elev8 said...

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