Monday, 19 November 2007

European Gates

Should the European membership depend on religion or beliefs?

What requirements should be ticked off to be allowed through these gates?

Take Turkey for example.

Should it be kept out side the European gates because of its religion?

Well, surely religion can not be a reason for excluding a country to a coalition that could only be positive, the stronger and wider it long as it is a cooperative and functional one.

Part of Europe's strength, must be because of the diversities of background, and ideologies which thrive and push forward these societies.

To me, the idea of Europe as a united group is equivalent to a group of countries sharing one idealnot being one bland identity.

After all, diversity calls for progress not the other way round, rite?

A better future, for all because safeguarding only one's own plate does not mean the food will keep flowing.

Europe to me represents a symbol of common respect and acceptance. Will to live, exchanging and living with.

A set of common delimitations such as on death penalty, human rights, and international agenda such as environment should be the only issues to separate a country from the nucleus of Europe.

Religion is not equal to its extreme interpretation. Hence a country should not be judged on its religious standing.

As long as the ruling body and majority of a country comonly agrees with those points of an ideology based on respect for human life, rigt, and teh enviroment (plus basic agreements of wrights and wrongs), why should a country be refused to join a group?

Realistically, each contry shares the same planet and same reality, directly and indirectly, consciousely or in denial anyway...don't we all live on the same plannet?

Don't we all live under the same sky?

So lets rip down the curtains, and face out neibours with which we have lived next to for our entire exisance evolving round each other anyway!

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