Saturday, 24 November 2007

South Park frightfully reflects a not so blured immage.

Hypocrisy is inflating western societies like words filled with Hydrogen gas.

Unions ‘protect’ their workers, but some how many seam to have suffered from paralysis of outstretched arms begging for more.

Yes, begging.

Because this is what begging is: Doing nothing asking for money [more].

Politics is not the problem perhaps as is the need for realism.

Life has become virtualised, with each individual life accustomed with the world spinning round us thanks to wireless internet, and other e-gadgets.

Not only is the value of products exceeding the intrinsic value to dangerously thin stretches, now I walk around and see Jaguars parked outside prefabricated houses, in which people sink into debt whilst shopping on wireless internet, working shrinking hours, and have more rights than a fish has to swim.

Environmental crisis is the latest fad on everyone’s mouth, recycling more and more [literally].

Democracy has become itself a brand to be marketed. See Bhutto and the crocodile tears flowing, while certain puppeteers are still flapping strings stuck to their invisible hands.


Burleson said...

good stuff

DragonRaid said...

maybe technology has advance so far that we need not do anything anymore. as the worl mechaninizes pollution spreads. then comes the call for environmental awareness. then comes the outcry for lower prices and recyclables until the crisis passes, then we return to our wrong ways only to repeat the cycle.