Friday, 9 November 2007

Oil prices

While the price of oil is steadily picking up speed in he rising price per barell, how come has the government not yet akenany real concrete action?

The alternative existis already since a long time, yet people still abstain from exchanging their petroll-run vehicles to one running on LPG ( Liquid Petrolium Gas).
It shouldn't be a surprise though, since not enough station are prestent to offer a reliable source of this kind of fuel.

On one hand allot of talk, and 'green' concerts are being blown up, flagging many wanna be 'green flags', yet, in reality, nothing is being done to tackle the actual problem itself.

Perhaps more attention should be given to programing a scheme to create a network of green fuel stations, inorder to make potential customers more confident ni making that swap.

Here is a link to a map showing fueling stations across England, for various alternative fuels to petrol.

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