Saturday, 1 December 2007

Gordon hang in there!

Gordon keep it going, don't stop the ball rollin' because that would fit in all too well with the mushroom-natured events popping up growing.

First the bombs in Glasgow, then Northern Rock crumbling down, 25 million records lost, and now: loose ends swinging to the syncopated rhythm of a game called “bringing down Gordon Brown", drawing fancy patterns around the Labour party.

Let’s get real for a moment please and stop pointing the finger always to the one, the only one that does not bark back at allegations, provocations and people who only wish for this season of unlucky weather to keep pouring.

But, by the way, these unfortunate mishaps are not only [unsuccessfully] chipping away at Brown but they definitely are corroding this country’s credibility.

Let's get over Brown's decision on the elections, as [hypocrisy aside] any half whit would have not thrown themselves into a game of power and pride-fuelled hurricane of hot air, and dedicated himself like he did, to issues that others never even deigned with thought, such as visiting those in Baghdad who are actually there for the government, for the country risking their lives for us.

The funding does need to be cleared up and Brown has already proposed solutions so let's give the man a chance and then move on to some real politics after this, like improving already exsting problems the country has since a long time and that are growing roots as time is lost on blames and job stands.

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