Saturday, 8 December 2007

Italy, still, is wobbling.

When will it crash?

It has become the latest fad, watching the jelly castle wobble slowly loosing the cherries on top, with the tip dangerously swinging as the man on top continues dancing on the castle which slowly is dissolving.

Berlusconi says that a recent poll suggested 80% of Italians would vote for Prodi to leave. Why doe it not happen then?

This suggests that the immaculate left wing limbs of Italy are not so much cleaner than their opponents which they have used as main campaign slogan alleging the Right was corrupt.

So how is this wobbly "government" still resisting tumbling down, gaffe after gaffe?

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Richard Brennan said...

I had a look at your StatsCounter for this day and you got forty visitors.

That's more than I get many days.

Keep up the blogging!