Saturday, 8 December 2007

...another one bites the dust and another black pool of oil bleads into the blood stream of our planet.

Yet another environmental disaster due to oil spill, this time in the waters of Korea where a Hong Kong-registered tanker was hit by a barge, caught in stormy weather and torn down its side, now gashing oil.

While In the Black sea mobilised forces are struggling with the effects of the (by now sunken) tankers still crying out.

What is to become of our planet?

This is now, it needs to be tackled in frontal mode now not tomorrow while all powers waste time arguing over alleged nuclear possessions and belligerent power games and unilateral intimations.

If half the dedication were focused on the environmental crisis by 20012 Kyoto would probably be by bypassed by far.

On the day of "Armageddon" three main powers will still be squabbling over nuclear control while struggling in one big black medium where the oil-coated ground will not be distinguishable by the thick black atmosphere.

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