Sunday, 2 December 2007

First week of December, new week, new stances, new pledges.

Pervez Musharaf has stepped down as head of the Military force of Pakistan now wating to become pre-confirmed president as planned in the agreement.

So he steps down as Army head after having agreed he will be allowed to take place as President as he was "elected" few months ago, so perhaps he might even lift emergency rule, soon, or perhaps we need to wait until he has become resident, you never know, its wise for him to be cautious.

Putin's United Russia party won the elections yesterday[...] and now we will have to wait and see what is to become after his post expires n a few months time, how will Putin fit him self into the new era of a new president though I am sure he wont be to far.

The fate of Russia's economy is strongly tied to this gallant man very much depending on his steady gaze and smile constantly present in the background as the people definitely did not just vote him for his blue eyes.

In Venezuela the left party president Hugo Chavez lost the elections with the opposition wining with 57%.

In this edgy time for many countries learning decisive outcomes for their near future, in other parts of the world not so immediate outcomes are to be discussed in Bali, Indonesia where the follow up of the UN Kyoto protocol is to be discussed staring today for the next two weeks.

Hopefully something more tangible and realistic might be included in the talks that mght be looking more positive after the newly elected Australian president pledged to sign the Kyoto Protocols.

Now America is left to stare while it remains stubbornly exempt after refusing partly on the ground that as Australia and China had been exempt from the protocol aiming to reduce carbon emissions.

China ha been exempt as, although it undeniably contributes enormously to the world's CO2 emissions, it is classified as a developing country and as such remains exempt from the demanding commitments that the CO2 cutting plans would require.

n that note I do agree with America's stance as China cannot honestly get away with child labour, almost unfair market competition and production, and yet get away with one of the most ludicrous emissions of CO2.

The pledging game continues parrallell to that of growing markets pumping and producing, some hiding beind small injustices and weeknesses in a competitive platfrom in which manny do all they can to remain ahead amidst the crowd...

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