Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Why should Iran submitt when Israel is the world's fifth nucler arsenal, partly funded by USA?

What is to become of the impending declaration of independence that could come with the New Year in January?
While in Serbia 100,000 Serbs are keeping the 1.9 million Kosovar-albanians yet from declaring themselves independent, the old squabble mates have once again taken this chance to emphasise their stances strictly opposing each other on al topics, issues and events.

Russia remains behind the troublesome Serbs opposing the long-desired independence of Kosovo by Kosovar-Albanians, only willing to grant the later a general autonomy.

Most EU nations and USA have backing up Kosovo with an arm steadily stretched out to them in patient collaboration. The attentive gaze from Russia is perceived though t every attempt by the UN to come to any constructive agreement and defensive statements are bouncing back between the two big walls towering in an uncertain protective or imposing manner.

The cold war is reminiscent as both Russia and USA persist in their opposing stances while 100,000 Serbs are preparing to flee from north Kosovo in the event of sparked violence between paramilitary Serbs and Kosovars after an impending statement of Independence.

Simultaneously USA are being accused by some of hypocrisy; understandably by Iran who is being bullied into cutting their alleged nuclear arsenal, whist USA itself has helped fund the world's fifth biggest nuclear arsenal in Israel where German-built submarines are already pointing ferociously and belligerently towards Iran.

Democracy seams to be overridden by Superpowers flagging the hero emblem. USA is perfectly right to be weary of ran, yes, but surely its support in equipping Israel pointing missiles at Iran is rather contradictory demanding contemporary that Iran denude itself of any protection?

Two wrongs do not make a right, and setting an example would be more motivting than demanding two contrsting and expecting a positive outcome.

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