Friday, 26 October 2007

Burst the bubble!

It seams all the scientific success and technological advancement often accused of or attributed with the thriving effect of globalisation, still has a monster do dissolve.

Genius South Park – Episode ‘Smug alert’ carried on.

Contrary to our naïf believes. Could it possibly be that bubbles all around the world are strengthening? An episode of South Park comes to mind but in a different context.
"Smugness" was yet another brilliantly developed topic in an episode of this satire. In our context though I would suggest use "smugness' to define a

The outsiders.

Immigrants are not yet properly integrated within a society that does not appreciate. On the other hand both 'sides' seam to remain coated, each with an invisible difference, sometimes over stated, sometimes underestimated. While busy unpicing defects often lateral to the reall benefits of both realities, it is forgotten thatboth 'side are infact one reality, and no one walks into or out of a buble.

You close your eyes and he bad things dovanish

Most national press barely considers foreign news other than the occasional postcard-type stories, confirming small-minded views of countries, composed by stereotyped labels.

Luckily there are newspapers that do realise Britain is a country within a world. The Independent I shall always respect and be a faithful reader.

Because truth looses transparency only once its acknowledged.

The rule is of course that demand shapes the product and unfortunately it seems people are all too busy with their own material lives between jobs and consumerism, busy defining their most matching identity image.

There is a lot of rhetoric, but the truth is, if people were more educated, and cared more, then more papers would cover broader issues from all over the world, and especially more urgent issues which concern us all.

We may prefer to read the latest tantrum thrown by a superstar or how much money was spent on the richest poodle, but we lack the knowledge in our naïf minds that we are the criminals.

Ignoring such vital issued which need to be actively acknowledged means just to pull the wool over our eyes.

The fact is we often are the most directly responsible for slavery, abuse, and environmental catastrophes. Minding our business, leading our average predictable lives, ignoring things happening at the same time somewhere else does not mean it is not happening.

This 'smugness' (as defined in South Park) is thickening the bubbles sealing off the 'lala-land' from the rest of the planet.

Imagine being an alien, and seeing this image of the world:

A round planet populated and insulated with time-beating and distance-beating technology. There are bubbles of concentrations busily living and consuming. Out of these 'bubbles' are also many other concentrations of people dotted in-between these bubbles, but these are living in opposite conditions, in poverty.

You learn that these people in the bubble are very busy and talk allot of saving and helping he 'unluckier people out side the bubbles.

Has any one told them most of what they are wearing, using, and eating directly fuels the conditions in which the 'outsiders' live?

Bust the bubble, and start facing the facts. More people should fuel more papers to cover world news, because the two ends of the pole are both soaring, one up and one down. It is time t stop soaring up and look down.

This was sparked whilst reading an article in The Independent this morning. The article was one the 20th anniversary since the first direct warning was given about the catastrophe facing environment, nature and all living beings, and the connection between human activities and enviromental down fall.

I believe that if more papers were to make this topic a chunky part of their editions, and not just heart-throbbing page filler, then perhaps in 10 years time, more people will have stumbled across the 'topic' and opened the eyes.

Because knowledge and awareness are the key to mobilising action, which if not, will remain stuck in rhetorical 'wanna-do-good' talk.

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