Tuesday, 23 October 2007

New era of prohibition

Are we creeping up towards an inevitable resolution of prohibition?

It seams as western countries gallop in the infinite race of technology and consumer goods, we become more and more lazy and insatiable of addictive escape channels, whether this be alcohol, fast food, smoking or expensive tastes, such as owning ten fuel guzzling vehicles.

Have we lost completely the memory of living under a roof and spending free time chatting with friends?

With such a highly specialised society where now days more and more people seams to be qualified with degrees and more, it seams we are no longer capable of looking after our selves nor of our kids.

That is what one would think if paying any attention at all to some of the topics floating in newspapers and media.

Children aren't capable of performing what would have seamed 50 years ago, a perfectly acceptably ritual of eating meals provided at school;

Smokers have been 'confined outdoors', and alcohol still continues to make young to old, school youngsters and professionals into fools.

A country that is seen with such earnest respect and admiration by its fellow EU countries, at night churns a large percentage out and into the pumping hearts of the night. Later bursting out of these [pubs] spilling into the streets.

How come has England managed to master and channel its migration and develop such an exemplary mile as in The City, yet on the other side of the coin, some vices have become chronic illnesses?

Could it be the curse of consumerism and the reverse of the coin?

It has been criticised lately that the media might be ‘duming down’ the audience, now we are even being castigated with ‘play zones’ and not. Basic matters of child care have been blown into big balloons floating aimlessly…

Perhaps we need to prove we don’t require any ‘duming down’?

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