Thursday, 25 October 2007

Orange..with fury

First it was trouble with BT.

To get a BT line was more difficult than to find a flat! After many expensive calls I managed to get through in the end, once again, after many misunderstandings between myself and about fifty different helpless people at the call centre. I finally got a Bt line.

For a moment I h ad thought of the worst out come as my partner stumbled a cross a small article in a paper. The story covered an incident of a man who had been waiting for BT to give him a phone line for I think seven months.

It seams I haven't much luck when it comes to technology. Waiting once again, this time to be blessed with an Internet connection, I stumbled again across an article, this time in the FT. To my horror it read about a review by the BBC on Orange broadband customers, and (if I remember correctly) its service being the worst in UK.

I am still waiting to hear from orange to be notified when I will be given an Internet connection. Also in this case the poor person on the other end of the phone line in the call centre, was confused and tried to explain she was only reading the data form the computer.

Am I to read tomorrow that the place in which I just moved has the highest rate of murders? Surely I cannot be the unluckiest person when it comes to trying to sort out what would seam simple...a phone

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