Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Where do you draw the line?

Where does one draw the line between fiction and reality: Artificial reality or manipulated, and fiction intertwined into real life?

Why have reality shows had such success while life itself becomes ever more surreal based on aesthetics and identities.

How genuine is an average person's life now days? We each seam to package our lives identities within commercial settings, now more than ever with the pressure of online parallel worlds on which we display our selves on a second public platform.

Is technology ripping human kind completely from any form of spontaneity and physical interaction with reality and time limitations?

24 hour news channels keep us up to date with the world which surrounds us, and we interact via Internet and phones.

his invisible globalised world has distanced each individual as never before, yet made any person's live available for viewing through U-tube, reality shows etc.

Yet Internet can tie voices from caged situations as the Burmese to the rest of the world, destroying censorship.

to what extent will our lives be dependent on technology, and where should one draw the line?

DO you think we do not need to draw a line at any point?

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