Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Chocolate bars generaly cost around 45p. The coffee options in the canteen cost over £1. The filter coffee in the street, near the lecture rooms costs 70p for a small cup and 90p for a large.

The problem is a small one. I mean a 'small' problem is a big one. At least for me.

I treat myself to a bar of chocolate occasionally, and when I am cold or sleepy I allow myself a coffee. Only from the Street though as this is cheaper and I need t look after my pennies.

Over the past few days a matter of centre metres is growing frustratingly in my conscience every time a hand over my money.

With barely a glance of acknowledgement, and a few rushed squirts the coffee is hurriedly shoved towards me. But something is missing.

About 2 or 3cm are missing from the essence of my coffee!

This might be a cheaper coffee outlet, yet it is coffee being sold, and not half cups of sloppy coffee!

Top it up please!

This matter of a few centimetres is growing every day, for every belittled coffee purchased!

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