Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Eating disorders

For pity sake leave the kids alone! But I mean it!

Not fuss and no wining. It is ridiculous for children to fussed around so much and confused about the issue of nutrition.

Nutrition is a very serious matter, and this is why there should be a simple and strict rule about meals in schools. No fast food foods should be available to children. I believe children should be taught how important a good nutrition is but the approach should be changed all together.

In Britain one could easily say that meals have lost their cultural value as a routine and a social event.

The approach from top to bottom I believe has cause this rebellious reaction by children across UK. Healthy foods are seen y children as tasteless and boring imposed o them by the 'conspiracy' by parents and schools.

When too much fuss is made in an over-alarming way about 'forcing' children to eat healthy school meal options, I believe that eating disorders also can more easily grow amongst young children.

More thought should be given to trying to integrate the mealtime as part of a cultural ritual to be looked forward to by children at school.

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