Friday, 19 October 2007

60 deaths in Uk, 1 dead soldier

Is it not astonishing how the slice of information " ...about 60 deaths a week in Britain are caused by infections contracted in hospital.." slips by so quietly, smoothly, with no other uttered noted, while one death of a soldier can take up a decent part of a newspaper, as well as words on a news channel?

Is it not normal and expected to hear of unfortunate deaths caused in terms of war? Sure, it is awfuul a British or Us soldier (or indeed of any nationality) dies because of cards games played badly by politicians. However it would be hipoctriticall to seam surprised!

To casually annouce 60 people die every week due to poor health standards in hospitals seams rather allarming!

Forgive me for spelling it out:

Hospitals are where one goes to save one's life. It is a basic right to have the facility of hospitals and health service, not a luxury.

Immigration has been a rocky topic on many tounges fashionalbly, but at the bottom of all ther talk there is a question to be asked: ]
Who are our doctors?

Who are our nurses?

Who runs hospitals, for who, and how is it possiblie that a country as Britain, concidered by other european countries as the model to be followed, have got to this uneficiant mountain of expectations.

It is true, Britain has gaiven a home and news lives to many people from all over the world, giving a second chance.
But no chuffed up grinn of pride should be twiching untill the basic foundations of a civilized country are restored.

60 peaople a week dead.

That is 2,880 deaths a year by futile reasons of hygene in hospitals.

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