Friday, 19 October 2007

Do you think about the future?

Thinking of chewed over themes as globalisation, immigration, ethics, tradition, identity, enviroment...etc.

Where are we heading? Could a solid shaped model one day crumble under an "over- buzzing" world?

While life quality seams less tangible and more virtuall, and aesthetics and politically correctness take over, I feel we are loosing humane imperfections which kept us grounded to the plannet on whch we live.

What films 10 years ago mught have predicted seams lee frightening than what I fear seams to eb crawling upon us.

Nope. no robots or aliens taking over our plannet, nor giant meteors.

We are loosing our selves. "normality" it's self I think has been loost for ever. The good old normality , yes.

Because normal is good.

Not because there has to be a grid against which every individual and moral view has to be pressed against, but to keep in sight where we come from. And what we need and do not need in this world of fluffed up hot air and plastic flashing with excited lights and electronic sounds.

Strange is good. But it is good when it has a set of "normality" to stand out form.

When every one can be on some form f reality show, look like celebs, speak like them, and "parott" about what they think is the mopst fhashionable newspapers critiqe, prospects don't look good.

"We" humans have perhaps become too big, and need either to completely over flow our physical and conceptual frameworks, to cooperate and shape new levels of frame works.

The meaning of "country" is transforming, and while the humane flow signals a growing freedome, there needs to be a centre point of focus not to loose the aim.

This is a confusing vague thought developing as I type and ask my self various questions which a tangled.

Im justy thinking, quiestioning, wondering.

Today I'm freeing my self of these thoughts. Tonorrow it might just crystalise...

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