Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Christmas in shops

I know: "Already?!"

Yes. If supermarkets and sops are already selling chocolate bars covered with Father Christmases, Christmas trees on postcards, and Ideas for Christmas presents...help!

Is this some awful nightmare in which time is slipping by like a motion film.

Helplessly chained to the spot, you watch as in front of you each frame flies past, one after the other in a string, until it all becomes a blur and you think ,

" Has Halloween already gone?"

I’m running so hard, trying to keep up with my life and the e world around, I'm on the verge of tripping over, as I attempt to hop from the frame in which I am.

I barely have had time to daze at the golden red leaves lining the streets, and to infuse my thoughts with moist earth hurrying to until every morning.

As the loom of sun still is glowing behind me from June, July and September I feel bullied by shops and commercials into abandoning this setting in which I barley have settled in, to jump to the next though to me it seams so far ahead. If I look down at the vast sea of things to be overcome, Christmas fades further.

Look out side the window. Yes it is after all still autumn and Halloween is yet to die down!

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