Friday, 19 October 2007

Police lose face...and regain it quickly

Flicking through the many channels of Sky TV, the topic of British police kept popping up. There must have been at least five programmes running that evening focusing on that subject.

It seams it is a popular theme this week, and perhaps not a coincidence.

Only untill a few days ago attention was drawn to the reopened case of a young Brazilian man, Jean Charles Menez, shot in ‘error’ by police just as he left the underground in London.

He had been suspected to be a terrorist and followed by police until they finally shot and killed him. The circumstances and approach taken by the police already have been discussed at length in the news.

Somehow though, I have the feeling that it cannot be a coincidence that this week channels seem to be running programmes dedicated to policemen.

I partly followed two of them, both in the form of a documentary following the policemen on a night out at work.

The "law offenders" to me seamed more like harmless, loud, drunk men reacting to antagonising policemen backed up by the camera.

Clearly this must all be a wave of propagandistic films to restore the dubious service they offer.

Is it not frustratingly obvious and irritating how all of a sudden we are being lured to seeing them as heroes by TV, where only few days ago the case of an innocent murder was still being broadcast?

How can such a devastating error have been so easily replaced with policemen depicted as heroes?

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Richard Brennan said...

On November 1st the Bill will feature an unarmed man being shot by armed police would be interesting to see how they approach the subject.