Friday, 26 October 2007

Grease'em up!

The use of the “quiet area” in my Uni’s library should be reconsidered.

As for its ‘quiet’ aspect, ambitions should be dropped in favour of what I would think would make more sense.

Why not call the third floor “the Horror” floor, as believe you me, not in the most old school horror film would you hear the door squeak so often, and with such excruciating pain, sucking any focused mind towards the screaming.

Please, someone pour some oil down those hinges!

As for the first floor, that ‘quiet area’ should become the meeting point for girls and boys.

How about removing the desks firstly. This would unbalance the ‘meeters’ habitat rather drastically as there would be no sitting platform.

Then perhaps the Internet too as this causes ‘clusters’ round entertaining music video downloads.

To be safe also remove the computers as this would remove any possibility of using them as a point of reference.

It might be a good idea to create a magnetic camp so as to prevent phone use n this quiet area, but unfortunately that might not have much effect, as seemingly these object are prevalently to flash and play sounds on.

Shall we empty the library all together leaving it only with books? Probably it would be quiet and only people who intent to make use of the books would be present but then again no Internet? No research.

The simplest solution would be to explain to the herds they are there for their own good. When they are in a noisy ‘heard mood’ the library should be left in the ideal conditions in which others can actually study.

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