Wednesday, 21 November 2007

25 million records lost.....

First Northern Rock, now 25 million records of people have been lost, including bank data, address etc have disappeared.

I fear England is going down.

Unfortunately, I see a vision of a trugid sounge, strating to dissemble because of the overload.

Britain will face dfficult years in the near future, and I believe prioritising is essential.

It is true, Britain has been like a great heart, allowing for a great and healthy flow of people, money, ideas and develoement, through, reviving not only Uk, but allowing for a melting pot to give way to never-ending progress at an international level, and this is vital for Europe and the world.

But a heart pumping at such a rate, will explode or loose a beat sooner or later unless the speed is slowed down.

Britain needs to focus on a national scale to refurbish its system an dtissue before allowing the flow spiral dangeroussely out of control, if it has not done yet.

Here is the day, the backlash to hundreds of years of success, colonies, and today, the inevitable dependence on technology.

Could this be the beginning of a chain of reactions in all countries?

Perhaps it is a conspiracy by the some political group to make Gordon Brown look bad as he used to be the exchequer?

Or a conspiracy involving many more people with a completely different agenda?

Who knows?

Lets just hope the worst won't happen with all these recorded lives.


Burleson said...

my words

Richard Brennan said...
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Richard Brennan said...

I don't think it's a conspiracy as the government seem to be able to make themselves look bad on their own.

I think Britain needs to focus on key public services. Only when our health service and education departments are well funded and properly run can we look elsewhere.

The problem with technology is its link to Private Finance Initiative contracts by incompetent private sector companies.

You can find extensive information in Private Eye on this.

What priorities would you suggest for Britain?