Friday, 4 January 2008

What price do you give to life?

Who says buying free-range, organic chickens and eggs makes no difference?

Those attached to their pennies, more than to their usual fashionable talk of animal cruelty, while they go and stuff them selves with MacDonald's chcken nuggets and buy value chickens at supermarkets.

What price does decency have?

What price does life have?

Is it really worth the unconceivable pain and sufferance endured by chickens?

An article from today’s Independet says it all in, " The true cost of cheap chicken", by Martin Hickman, The Independent.

Watch the video shot by an animal welfare group, Compassion in World Farming(CIWF), which is also available via the link above, leading to the full online article on the Independent website.

It whtnesses the reality of chickens in mass-production farms.

Check this out: Compassion in World Farming:

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