Thursday, 3 January 2008

Bomb explosion believed to be terrorist attack in south-eaast Turkey.

It was thought to be a terrorist attack,the bomb blast in Dyarbakir, south-east Turkey, in which 50 people were injusred, pssibly aimed t the military bus passng bye at the moment of the explosion.

In the area, the population is mainly Kurdish; the attack is thought to have been in response to recent Turkish military activities on both sides of the border, and in north Iraq, with the scope of containing separatist Kurdish militants.

Was it right for Turkey to enter north Iraq in the first place?

Although the separatist Kurdish rebells did antagonise Turkey with violence over last year, it seams the attempts of Turkey to put things right have only helped the friction increase, escalating rpidly out of control.

I believe Turkey should, and will join EU, but before, certain approaches need to be altered, resisting violent intimations, as, how ever testing this would be, it would probably end up better than reacting with force.

I feel for the Turkish, but two wrongs do not make a right.

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