Monday, 7 January 2008

Kenny Richey returns home after 21 years in prison

Kenny Richey should arrive tomorrow in UK after the ordeal of 21 years spent in prison in USA accused of arson and the involuntary death of a two year old girl.

One hour from being executed 13 years ago, his sentence was halted, and his life put on pause, once again until yesterday, when officially his case reached a final verdict after he pleaded 'no contest' in Ohio.

Imprisoned since 1987, he is to be free, having 'already spent' the years he was sentenced to in yesterday's court for entry breakage and involuntary man slaughter.

One cannot conceive of the infinite desperation of time he has lived, locked away for a crime that was not proven he committed.

Is that right?

Who has the right to steal 20 years of someone's life for a crime not proven?

Who has the cold courage to tell him that he will be freed, as he has 'already spent' the years convicted to him yesterday?

Not only is the death penalty a dangerous topic to venture into, as opinions differ sharply, but that of incarceration, and crime punishment is a vast debate, pulling many questions and aspects into cause.

Is the American judicial system moral? Are those of the European Court or other systems in Asia or Africa moral?

Law has to exist of course and it would be insane to pretend that a functional state could exist with no strict rules, but it seams to me, not enough attention and consideration is given to improving and developing this vital part of the judicial system.

Laws have to exist, so do punishments, but to throw away people that might never have caused any harm, voluntarily or involuntarily, is not only a waste of taxes, but a waste of human life.

It is not surprising to find this blind-folded mechanism often corrodes half-decent people into criminals, out of sour bitterness, thanks to faith in humanity dissolved into capitalist, capitalist and capitalist ideologies driving all other moral, political, and nationalist attitudes in most countries of our globe.

Cynical? Yes.

Not condemning a specific country, or institution, but the millennium’s worst disease, which I believe to be the dead-end race off the edge off the edge of reason.

I see bugs eating and destroying a planet, climbing a senseless pile resembling the tower of Babel, hoping the earth won't sink, not just yet.

A staggering step higher, up the pile of digits, as Oxygen get thinner, but the important is the digits get bigger, right?

I feel sorry for Kenny, I’m not sure though, whether for his shock in having to adapt to this virtual-run reality we now live in, or the meaning that life is moulding into.

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