Monday, 21 January 2008

Human Embryo cloned from Skin Cell

I Am Legend is one of the few Hollywoodian sci-fi films I can say to have appreciated.

The message is clear (ignoring the disappointing "happy ending"): meddle with life, and life will spiral out of control; try to further harness the malfunction and this will backlash even further.

That is the moral of the film as I took it: The imaginary scenario in which a cure for cancer is found, which ultimately causes those 'cured' to be mutated and de-humanised.

Is it right to interfere with life? Should scientists be playing with the creation of life?

Should we be able to manufacture and use life as we please to then cut up, and produce body parts like machinery components?

Well, what ever is right or wrong, science already has it, the first skin cell has been 'successfully' developed into an embryo.

No this is not a sci-fi film, this is true, and already past as it was announced already a week ago.

Like many people, I could wish for a cure to cancer to have existed two years ago when someone I loved, died from it. But I, as that person also did, believe in life as it is.

It frightens to realise that in a few decades we could be farming embryos as we do trees for matches and sawdust furniture, or like replacement parts.

Who dies and who survives?

Are WE, humanity to control this portal too now?

On one side far too many 'developed' countries and superpowers command death through legal systems; on the other, lives are to be artificially created to be snapped when needed.

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