Friday, 4 January 2008

Musarraf speaks on Bhutto's assassination.


“No intelligence, or secret service in Pakistan, I think, is capable of induction a man to do such a thing.”-says Musharraf on Bhutto’s assassination.

The president of Pakistan has called in help from England and France to investigate although many key traces were probably destroyed: he admitted it was perhaps, not a good idea: that of having ordered the site of the attack hosed down. (No comment…)

Bhutto’s husband decided to save Bhutto’s body from undergoing autopsy, explaining: “I know where and how autopsies are done here” (taken from BBC article).

Her supporters believe her death was caused by a gun shot at the head, but the government say she hit her head on the car during the explosion.

At any rate the elections will probably be postponed, and this, would only be right, in sign of respect of the yet sensitive mourning process for Bhutto.

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