Thursday, 3 January 2008

Odinga speaks of genocide and insists for a peaceful protest.

“What I have seen today defies word […] one can only describe this as genocide. I have seen many dead children” -the words of Odinga, one of the main opposition leaders of Kenya, this morning on a report on EuroNews.

Watching the news this morning I was surprised while listening to a short report in which Odinga was visiting the morgues, result of the violence fired up after the allegedly mishandled elections; speaking the above sentence, his tone implied the fault of an opposing body.

How can he not see that as the whole world has being watching through news reports, that it is his supporters who also are causing this violence?

It is not only them, no, but his aggressive attitude does not inspire for peace either.

Why does he keep inciting his supporter’s unconstructive anger, worsening the violent situation with protests, when anyone, sane of mind, would know this will only bring more blood shed?

Protests are not needed.

Many would agree: the point of outrage has already been put across.

If he continues on this line without calling his people at to peace and trying to set the example of solving the issue in a democratic and peaceful way, or he will only be greatly part of the cause of the 300 people already died.

He might be intending for a peaceful protest, but, at this stage, a peaceful rally seams impossible to remain contained by already ignited supporters.

Perhaps if Leaders were to stop accusations of genocide, leaning on tribal sentiments, then less tribal

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