Saturday, 29 March 2008

Winds of change for Cuba

Cubans wil soon be able to legally buy and posess their own mobile phone, computer, DVD player and DVDs.


It looks like a fresh breeze is to bring about changes in Cuba, or could it just be temporary malfunctions of global warming?

Fidel Castro's brother, Raul Castro, who recently officially became president after Fidel announced he would no longer intend taking back his post, is talking of some welcome concessions for Cubans.

DVDs, DVD players and especially mobile phones are a few of the gadgets and other commodities that were prohibited to the Cuban citizens until recently.

Now, in order to give Cubans more access as consumers to consumer goods, mobile phones will no longer be restricted to companies and government officials, but also to citizens, who will be able to buy mobile phones under their own name as well as computers and other gadgets.

This is a big change that underlines a major turning point in Cuba's history.

The nature itself of Cuba's identity, political and ideological is apparently about to make a major brake like that of the Antarctic ice shelf a few days ago, floating back into the reality of a world which communicates buys and consumes and only by so doing, is truly actively part of the global economy.

Cuba's economy as well as all sectors, education, culture, tourism, etc. will improve.

Lets just wait and see, hoping this is not just a buff manoeuvre for secondary purposes....

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