Sunday, 30 March 2008

Money still blinds some mouths ready to mutter "Kyoto II"

27 of the wealthiest countries will be expected to have decreased by 5% the percentage of green house gas emissions by 2012.

As reported by Reuters, this week Bangkok will host the next Summit on the Kyoto climate change plans.

Hundreds of nations will meet to fix a date when next to meet and plan the next step for Kyoto II to follow after Kyoto's expiry in 2009.

Unease still lines the frustrations of some nations over the difficult task of distributing 'fairly' the responsibility of cutting emissions.

Commitment to this cause will be tested.

While hopes to involve US, perhaps wth the new administration n 2009, others still appear reluctant.

As reported by Reuters, rapidly developing economies such as India’s and China’s will be reluctant to slow down their soaring success in view of a greater, longer-term investment for the good of the global community.

The two-year talks will end in 2009, Copenhagen, where United Nations will gather for the final Climate Change conference in order to establish the Kyoto II scheme.

Confidence and determination unfortunately are binding ingredients that still appear to be lacking from too many players of this gamble.

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