Saturday, 29 March 2008

The chess board trembles between NATO and Russia.

The sizzling spot light intensifies on Georgia and Ukraine as their intentions of joining NATO are being questioned and scrutinised by a distrustful Russian eye.

The thickening chess game veiling every comment between Kremlin speakers and NATO is becoming trickier as every move comes closer to upsetting the board for all players, voluntarily or not, in this game between two towering bodies.

Next week's NATO summit reverberates already with the ongoing warnings escalating between Russia and NATO.

It looks like Ukraine and Georgia are being cornered between the two: Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned of "playing with fire" as reported by Reuters, alluding to fears that the two countries might intend ‘ganging up’ with NATO to reclaim rebel territory.

Russia appears concerned of being invaded dangerously close to be monitored.

Cold War thrives still in suspicions and fears.

Yet perhaps, they have reason to object to such ganging up?

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