Wednesday, 23 July 2008

What goes around comes around - A token to all those who try every day and sometimes wonder why they bother.

This has been a tough year under every imaginable aspect for many around the world, for some tougher, for others it has become normality

Perhaps it is just the way we perceive time and events; we tend to look back at yesterday with a shade of nostalgia that sweetness and blurs all those rough edges and see today's sharp details with such vicinity because we I’ve them now.

Many will feel a similar disappointment I often have felt in people around me in the past. A feeling of stupidity, anger and humiliation, of always falling for the same net we fling ourselves into, relying too much on the sensitivity of people, give them everything, straight away, without holding back thoughts or feelings or effort.

Along the way it is easy to start believing an old saying that kindness and politeness will only lead you to be seen as stupid and easily used.

But it is just recently that after a series of events were driving my motivation down hill, that a person, a doctor decided not to charge me for treatment, apparently because she liked me, only after a ten-minute short discussion.

The same with my suitcase that was mistakenly taken by another passenger on my flight last week; I had to pay the courier when he refused to, however the courier offered to run it to me at night after his shift ended, the same day as I told him i urgently needed some items in it.

From today onwards I will not feel stupid nor curse my self when I am too friendly, open or excusing with people. Because it is true: what goes around comes around.

It is too easy to let only the bad aspects in life turn us sour, corroding our ideals and hopes into mere vindictive competitiveness throughout life.

Always recognise even the smallest gestures that people do around you, and ignore those that might be hurtful or disappointing, whether done with spite of for pure clumsiness.

You might be surprised how beautiful life can be if you choose to focus on al those amazing things that happen around you every day of your life, that you take for granted.

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Sarah Morgan said...

"You've got to get up every morning, with a smile on you face and show the world all the love in your heart. Then people gonna treat you better and you'll find, yes you will, that you're beautiful as you feel." Carole King Your blog reminded me of the song, it was one of my signatures at one point.

s x