Monday, 16 June 2008

9.7 million barrels of oil a day.

That’s how much oil will be oozing out from Saudi Arabia by next month after King Abdullah pledged to increase the oil production by half a million barrels to counter protests outbreaks and barely unmanageable food prices all over the world.
Come out of

Well done this blogger says!

While some minds rattle themselves searching for solutions to save this word, whose death appears catalyzed by us, I say: use it all up that oil; forget biofuels completely and go head on for nuclear energy.

Too much time and money is wasted away trying to defeat the black gold we do need, and cannot replace by biofuel unless we intend going for starvation.

Imagine the advancement of progress in the bid for harnessing nuclear and solar and wind if these were to get sole attention.

Catalyzing our End
Tail–chasing humanity should have learnt the lesson by now- on the brink of a global famine’s shadow – use oil until we have it, and forget biofuels which have only driven food prices up and anyhow, probably emit more CO2 than that saved when its final product is burned as fuel replacing oil.

In the mean time prepare for the end of oil supplies by investing in renewable such as nuclear, solar, wind, hydro, etc, trying to stay clear from those involving invasive action.

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