Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Today, most front pages has displayed big no-no headers on the nature and use of antidepressants.

Although Most articles conclude that these may be no 'better' than taking placebo substitutes, the probable truth, still is being shunned, perhaps because one needs to leave that string of doubt, enough not to send pharmaceutical companies in crisis.

Although, today's headlines are indeed a step ahead, it is not enough.

When are sufferers and friends and families of those taking these drugs, such as Prozac, going to step up and realize: no, they don't help.

In fact, they are like pouring petrol on a fire!!

Anti depressants can only make a person, in need of help, become more psychologically week, addicted and loose any self confidence left inside.

People who have taken them, know what I am talking about, although it is hard t admit, that no medication or magical concoction can pull you out.

Only help, communication and trust in ones self can light up one's fears.

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Steve said...

Beatrice, you are so right. All of us have different DNA and different metabolisms. Some herbs and vitamins work better than others. The first thing that is needed is proper nutrition and a good physical exam. As the director of Novus Medical Detox, I often see patients who are on alcohol or opioids, central nervous system depressants, also taking antidepressants. When they detox they find they don't need the antidepressants.

This is good news because a Swedish study showed that 52% of the 2006 suicides by women on antidepressants. Since antidepressants work no better than placebos and are less effective than exercise in dealing with depression.

There is a prescription drug epidemic and these are leaders in the list of terrible abuses.

Steve Hayes